This Hooliganism Must Stop Now

The so-called Delta Force thugs in Kumasi do not like President Nana Akufo-Addo and his government. Otherwise they would not have displayed the level of hooliganism they did yesterday.

What happened in the Garden City suggests a security failure and the head of the Police in the region must be held responsible and even charged for failing to arrest the situation which unfolded there.

It is a dangerous development and quickly, those who escaped from lawful custody must be apprehended as should those who aided them. It is not an impossible thing to do and we implore the regional police command to redeem their image within the shortest possible time by ensuring security in the region and allaying the fears of residents.

It is unfortunate that these young men are providing ammo to the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to attack the integrity of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Yesterday their conduct at a Kumasi court was, to say the least, most criminal and despicable, indeed unbecoming of persons who claim to be supporters of the ruling party.

They reportedly forcefully freed some of their colleagues facing the law for their recent suspected criminality from a court. Their Rambo style operation, baffling as it was, presented them as a bunch of lawless rogues who have little or no knowledge about civility and rule of law. If there is somebody encouraging them to conduct themselves they way they did, these persons must cease calling themselves gentlemen of the land. How shameful!

President Nana Akufo-Addo does not have anything to do with this and would not demand the release of anybody associated with the criminality. That is the difference between him and others.

We are by this editorial demanding of the Police to explain how the rogues managed to perpetuate the criminality and fled the place without any of them being arrested? They could have killed people in the court had they wished to do so which makes the occurrence scary.

If they are true lovers of the ruling party, truly worked for its victory and above all cherish a successful tenure of the President they would not debase themselves to such an animalistic level.

Every civilized Ghanaian should use harsh words for these guys who are just a good for nothing group of unruly activists whose place is in the four walls of the prison.

We have heard the National Security Minister say the vigilante group does not exist. He may be right because it is not a registered entity and can therefore not be disbanded. They can, however, be arrested and if found guilty of the offences that are preferred against them thrown into jail where they belong.

The difference between the ruling NPP administration and the previous one should lie in how it manages such situations of lawlessness.  The good people of Ghana were unhappy about the Kumasi scene and pray that, that is the last time we are going to witness this level of lawlessness.