GSA Deploys EasyPASS Programme


Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) has announced that it will start implementing the EasyPASS Programme for selected products imported into Ghana from May 1st, 2018.

Under the programme, which is voluntary, the EasyPASS Certificate would be presented for quick customs clearance of imported goods, except products regulated by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) from May 1st, 2018.

In a statement issued and signed by Dr Akwasi Achampong, GSA Board Chairman, the authority said the EasyPASS programme is a facilitation scheme under which conformity of regulated imported products is verified before export to Ghana.

“This process is aimed at ensuring that products imported into the Ghanaian market are of the required quality standards to protect public health, safety and environment.”

Bureau Veritas has been appointed by the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) to carry out the verification process worldwide and deliver the EasyPASS certificate in conformity with the standards.

The business community has been urged to inform their exporters and suppliers of the implementation of the EasyPASS programme.

“Exporters and suppliers shall contact Bureau Veritas in the country of export. The process involves conformity assessment based on the approved national standards. Upon satisfactory verification, a certificate of conformity will be issued for the relevant shipment which should facilitate customs clearance at the port of destination in Ghana.

“All inferior products imported into Ghana will face rejection. The GSA encourages the business community to take advantage of this programme to facilitate clearing of their goods from the port while saving lives,” it added.