Giving Free SHS A Bad Name

So many efforts have been made to give the free SHS a bad name so it can be hanged for good; all to no avail though. From cheap TV commercials depicting an ignorant Ga Mashie woman condemning it to more sophisticated ones involving, sadly, persons who want to lead this country – the buffoonery continues.

They are so obsessed with their diabolic plans that they often do not think over them before launching. That is how come even in the face of bedbug infestation they are quick to point at the free SHS as being the cause.

Now that the originators of the project have remained resolute and floated it, the antagonists are picking on the expected initial shortcomings of novelties of this stature to embark on their pull-it-down project.

No project, it would appear, has suffered worse machinations from its antagonists and for that matter, the NDC, in contemporary times than the free SHS.

After showing all signs that he would reverse the project in the unlikely event of his assuming the presidency of Ghana again – a story about which was carried in the media – former President John Mahama fearing the repercussions on both his political future and that of his party, has come out to deny he would do such a thing.

The free SHS indeed has imposed on its antagonists an extra duty of struggling to pull the project down; some of their efforts exposing their unpardonable shortcomings. It cannot be comprehended when a project that seeks to enable all who complete JHS to continue at the senior high school should be denigrated in the manner the subject under review is.

Politics in our part of the country is anything but logical and in consonance with normalcy. Those who want to lead the country should show sufficient proof of their good intentions and how they want to prosecute their agenda of moving the country forward.

In a country where it is common for many pupils to end their education at the end of the JHS stage, those who condemn such a project posting wobbly  premises to support their argument should be avoided by all means let alone engaging in polemics with them.

We have heard people call for the backing of the project with law lest, a future government which does not believe in making education accessible to the have-nots vary the policy.

Any government which considers such a decision would be daring the people of this country. Perhaps that is why the originator of the project President Akufo-Addo has said that the free SHS has come to stay in this country – the project having been embraced by all well-meaning citizens.

We share the President’s conviction that a free SHS has come to stay. Ghanaians would nurture it until it is bereft of the shortcomings which are being addressed anyway even before the NDC-depleted state kitty is sufficiently replenished.