Ghostly Story From Cadman Mills

Dr Cadman Mills

A ghostly story is being played out from the NDC enclave about the late President John Evans Mills. At the centre of the narration is the departed man’s brother whose current varied presentation about his brother’s death could deny him the sympathy he seems desperately seeking.

At the time Ghanaians shouted at the top of their voices demanding an autopsy of the corpse of the former president, he presented a picture of a man whose cause of death he saw as natural. He did not at the time seemed interested in questioning the manner in which his brother was treated by his handlers in his indisposed condition: he did not want to offend the sensibilities of the party hierarchy, especially the man who took over from his brother.

Dr. Cadman Mills did not talk about his brother freshly landed from a complex medical treatment abroad being made to jog on the tarmac at the Kotoka International Airport for political leverage by his handlers.

Now, he is seeing things differently and singing loudly like a canary bird about all that went wrong with the management of his brother’s health status.

He definitely has been infected by the scary ghostly scenes haunting those who played a role in expediting the death of the man who political strategists of the NDC rather did not play a part in the pending polls.

We may concur that the late President Mills was not managed well as being narrated by his brother, but the afterthoughts do not come with the scores Dr. Cadman wants to achieve. Things would have been different had he said these in the early days of his brother’s death.

Ghanaians were treated to interesting renditions by NDC propagandists: they likened the late President Mills’ departure to the ascension of Jesus Christ from the ephemeral world to heaven. They added that he was seated on the right hand of God. The quotation “Unto thy hands do I commit myself” or something close to that were attributed to the late Mills. Even pigeons were brought to the Independence Square to give an angelic touch to his death.

Those who were active in the near blasphemy sought to perfect the cover-up of what really killed the former president and what he suffered at the hands of those who sought to expedite his death it would seem.

We might never know what informed Dr. Cadman’s about-turn. He could have been infected by the ghostly infection whose symptoms include re-doing an earlier story so the truth would be known. Victims of the earlier lies could see through the mendacity but just kept quite preferring to wait for the appropriate time. Now is the time to tell the truth, with Cadman Mills leading the charge. He could not have said all these when his party was riding the waves and controlled the state powers.

Indeed, the Mills’ story has refused to go away. Like a bad dream, it continues to haunt the country and in the event setting the records straight. Maybe, just maybe all these could culminate in an order for autopsy so the truth can be released from its confinement like jinn from a bottle in Arabian Nights.