Ghanaians Want Change, Real Change

Ghanaians want change

We are constrained to ask that effective punitive measures be instituted against those found culpable in the many instances of fraud perpetrated against the state.

Our position is informed by the weird stories now emerging, as the Economic And Organised Crime Office (EOCO) get busier with their investigations.

President Akufo-Addo won an unprecedented electoral victory against the backdrop of an unusual yearning for change.

It was one electoral process in which it was glaring that the incumbent government was going to be swept away by the power of the people’s thumbs.

We recall a retired one-star General Brig Nunoo-Mensah saying he would not be surprised in the event of a win for the then leading contender to the Presidency.

Three months after the change in the baton, top NDC persons have been reported to have claimed they foresaw their party heading for a defeat.

We can easily conclude that Ghanaians expect from President Akufo-Addo many actions that are consistent with the change they voted for.

The NDC propaganda to retain power was as vociferous and fierce as there was a resolve and resilience by most Ghanaians to have the incumbent leave the scene.

In spite of the underhand manouvres to thwart the yearning for change mechanically as well as psychologically, there was no stopping the wind of change that came with an unusual gusto.

The margin of difference between the winner and the loser said it all about the resilience of the people.

The people of Ghana voted for a political party and a leader whose integrity is devoid of blemish.

While the ruling party was no longer appealing to the people, their integrity having been lost to the many instances of corruption and outright mendaciousness associated with the government, the largest opposition grouping represented by the then Candidate Akufo-Addo and his running mate Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia were credible and their pedigrees won them more political disciples.

Following the recent non-starter NDC press conference led by Party Chairman and leader Kofi Portuphy, some party members still incensed by the glaring factors which led to the fall of the party decided on the path of bluntness.

One of them advised the party to steer away from such useless press conferences and work on restoring integrity to the party without which such efforts would garner nothing in the form of appeal.

We could not agree more with such counsel and would rather the leadership consider such admonition.

We have observed how slowly the state machineries are beginning to wake up from their government-induced slumber or even lethargy.

How can the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) bend the rules regarding the collection of duties on imported items because some importers are more important than others?

EOCO is reported to be investigating the case of the foregone taking place and we wonder why it happened and nothing was heard about it until now.

Ghanaians were pushed to demand for a change because of the many anomalous developments which rendered state institutions near powerless, the selectiveness of the rules being one of the factors leading to this absurdity.

Any attempt to marginalize the seriousness of such breaches can only lead to agitations from the people who preferred change to the then status quo.

Much is being demanded of EOCO as it delves into the many odd things which happened in this country and slowed down her growth.

State institutions must work again and not continue on the business as usual approach, which has exposed the rot which rocked the operations of the Customs Division at the Tema Port.

Why should the Customs Division not insist on bankers’ draft or cash but collect cheques which eventually turn out to be dud ones? There are many questions requiring answers.