Gesture Worth Doffing Hats For

For the second time in the history of the Jubilee House, the door of the Presidency was opened to Muslims to join the Vice President, the host, to break their fast.

Coincidentally, President Donald Trump did a similar thing in the White House when he hosted a section of Muslims for the Iftar, reference to the breaking of the fast.

The significance of this year’s gesture was the inclusion in the guest list clergymen from the Christian faith. Were we to score the Vice President for his concern for interfaith harmony in the country, ‘excellent’ it would be.

Indeed the clergymen who obliged the invitation said it all when they expressed gratitude for their inclusion; gesture which for them, and rightly so, cements further the harmonious interfaith relationship between members of the Abrahamic religions in the country.

Countries which have not been spared interfaith strife have a lot to learn from the Ghanaian experience. Every Ghanaian who appreciates the value of peace must support genuine efforts geared towards deepening interfaith harmony. It is only those who have experienced the absence of peace among different faiths who would appreciate and even relish the contrary as it obtains in our dear country.

We have observed, since his assumption of office as Vice President, Dr. Bawumia’s conscious efforts towards ensuring peace among Christians and Muslims.

While there is no recorded interfaith misunderstanding between the two faiths in the country, political and religious leaders must nonetheless, endeavour, to explore new ways of enhancing it. What better way of doing it, than inviting Christian clergymen to join their Muslim counterparts in breaking the fast at the Presidency and to exchange remarks of friendship and brotherhood.

Let us not take the peace of our country for granted because irresponsible actions and remarks can rock it beyond our imagination.

The National Chief Imam has worked towards endearing himself to his Christian colleagues in a manner which has won him admiration among them. He continues to receive Christians at his New Fadama residence; a gesture which accounts for the continued bond of friendship existing between members of the two great faiths.

The recent misunderstanding between an Islamic cleric and some non-Muslim neighbours in Ashieye and which landed in a court of law, comes to mind.

The cleric at the centre of it all was reported to have spread through social media an impression that his facility was being stopped from operating because of a hatred for Muslims thereby inciting unwittingly, perhaps, members of his faith against their Christian counterparts.

Such inappropriate actions are very dangerous and must not be allowed to poison the age-long links between members of the two faiths in a social media powered age.

Little fires develop into conflagration. It behooves every citizen to stop any such small fire before it is too late.

We would encourage the political and religious leadership to meet occasionally and discuss matters of peace and how to ensure an incessant prevalence of this attribute. Kudos Mr. Vice President and more of such gestures.