Frightening Statistics From Ashanti

The teen pregnancy statistics from the Ashanti Region is disturbing more so when little or nothing is being done about arresting the situation countrywide. This way, those responsible for perpetuating the moral anomalies do not receive any sanction – their actions remaining a source of pain and destruction for families.

Close to ten thousand teens getting pregnant in the Ashanti Region within six months is a worrying development. This anomaly made the headlines a few days ago following an earlier one from one of the regions where the culprits were regrettably teachers.

If the aforementioned figure represents what happened within six months what is going to happen at the end of the year can only be conjectured.

Little or nothing is being done to stem the obscenity being perpetrated by adult delinquents. Our teens in the lower level of the school system are vulnerable and must be protected from the unguarded libido of irresponsible adults: some of them teachers and parents.

Our education authorities and traditional chiefs must fashion out a response to this challenge which has the potential of derailing our quest for enhancing the future of our children.

The level of response to the anomalous development suggests aptly just how much we are generally indifferent to the danger teens are exposed to at school and the neighbourhoods.

There must be a stop to this otherwise society can simply be described as being uncaring about the future of our children.

The practice of settlement when the future of a child has been threatened by the recklessness of an adult or even a teacher should be revised.

We cannot continue to allow such human prowlers to continue unleashing their libidos on innocent girls.

We are aware about how in some places, suspects and teachers were only transferred to other districts as though in those places they cannot continue their bad ways. Nobody knows what happens to such seeming pedophiles when they are exposed in the rural areas. We can only guess that the settlement approach is the answer because the teacher should not be disgraced but sadly the school girls’ future can be destroyed.

We are surprised that in spite of the rising spate of this obscenity we are not hearing from the many child right organizations, and there are many in the country. Have they not heard about it or they are simply not regarding it as an unusual development worthy of taking action on?

We have spoken about the education of the girl-child yet we seemingly fold our arms as adult cheats pounce on innocent girls mostly in the night and defile them at will.

We are unable to prescribe the kind of punishments that should be meted out to such pedophiles because that is the remit of our learned compatriots. Be it as it may, we can ask that such defaulters be charged and arraigned, the intervention of parents or opinion leaders notwithstanding.