Esoko Launches Insyt

Dr Daniel Asare Kyei speaking to journalists after the launch

Esoko, a data collection and communication service provider, on Thursday launched its latest innovative mobile application for digital data collection.

Known as ‘Insyt,’ the application provides a web mobile-based platform and deployment service for the collection of field data using tablet or any smartphone device.

Dr Daniel Asare Kyei, Chief Executive Officer of Esoko, speaking at the launch, said the goal of the Insyt technology is to digitalise record-keeping and help provide businesses with quality data for analyses.

“Insyt technology is meant to transform the way businesses collect data, manage their field agents and offer beneficiaries access to value added service.

“Insyt will help us leave paper records and move to digital records, especially when the use of paper is not sustainable in the face of climate change.

“The technology also supports government efforts of digitising the economy and it will help businesses to be much more efficient, as it is more profitable and delivers better services to customers,” Dr Asare Kyei noted.

He said the technology has been tried and tested and gone through all the necessary quality control test process.

“In Ghana we have used this technology in various important programmes,” he said.

He said the technology was used in the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) programme to help about 3.7 million people across the country.

“Again, it was used in the Ghana National Household Registry to create a register for all households across the country.

“The Esoko team is happy to come up with this application to aid businesses no matter how big or small to manage data properly.”

“There are several tools available for data collection but this one is unique because we have taken cognisance of the fact that this is built for Ghana and other developing countries.”