Ernest Chemists Introduces 2 New Food Suppliments

Ernest Chemist LTD

Ernest Chemists Limited, one of the giant pharmaceutical companies in Ghana, has introduced two food supplements – Provital and Optivite – which help to boost the nourishment of healthy skin, hair and nails.

Ernest Chemists which owns the franchise as well as the sole distributor of the products in Ghana has collaboration with the United Kingdom-based Exeter Pharmaceuticals.

The two companies are in this partnership to provide the best of medicines for Ghanaians at moderate prices.

Prior to this development, the two companies reached an agreement which permitted Ernest Chemists Limited to market, distribute and manage Exeter products in Ghana.

The Country Manager of Exeter Pharmaceuticals, Robert Essah, in unveiling the products at a media launch held at the head office of Ernest Chemists at Nester Square, Airport City in Accra said, “Provital, a food supplement, comes in the form of soft gel capsules for the nourishment of healthy skin, hair and nails. This product comes in a convenient once a day dosage form, and is beneficial to both women and men”.

He said Provital is made from specially selected micro-nutrients which work directly through the bloodstream to form an important addition to the skin and hair on a daily routine.”

Mr Essah explained that the soft gel capsule formulation allows for easier swallowing, and makes the product gentle on the stomach.

According to him, “In formulating a product for the skin, hair and nails, not only did Exeter consider the cosmetic effect, but also the health benefits to our clients. When one takes Provital consistently and ends up with radiant hair and younger looking skin, he can as well be assured that the health of his or her skin has also been enhanced.

“This was at the back of our minds when the formulation was being worked on to ensure convenience and efficacy that would grant men and women the skin, hair and nail quality that they desire,” he explained.

Touching on the other medicine, he said Optivite contains vitamins and minerals that provide nutritional eye care and help maintain normal vision. It also protects the eyes from UV damage.

“Poor vision has dire effects on individuals, families and communities that can range from a decrease in our quality of life to large scale economic consequences. Fortunately, the vast majority of visual impairments in the developing world are preventable by food supplements. This was the objective of Exeter Pharmaceuticals when it manufactured Optivite,” he added.

Richard Twumasi, the Sales & Marketing Manager of Ernest Chemists, assured that just as they had marketed products by Exeter Pharmaceuticals and made their numerous brands available across the country, they would approach Provital and Optivite with the same seriousness and focus that they stand for.