Envoy Revives Navrongo Hospital

Ambassador Paulina Abayage (middle), Paul Flaherty (left) and William Adum (right), MCE for the area

Ghana’s Ambassador to Italy, Paulina Abayage, has renovated the paediatric ward of the Navrongo War Memorial Hospital in the Upper East Region.

She also donated some mattresses and bed spreads, television sets, play stations and furniture to the paediatric ward of the hospital.

Speaking at the ceremony where she handed over the renovated ward to the management of the hospital, Madam Abayage pointed out that the paediatric ward had deteriorated and was not in good state to admit children.

She said for that reason, she contacted some companies to support the renovation of the ward to make it more attractive and conducive for children who would be admitted there.

“I had to speak with Paul Flaherty, C.E.O of Endela Logistics Company, to support and quickly he agreed to donate the television sets and play stations for the children. His son travelled from America to Ghana to help in the painting and drawings. Life Mate Furniture donated the tables and chairs you see here,” she explained.

“If we unite and make up our minds to help to make our lives better, we can,” she added.

According to Ambassador Abayage, many Ghanaians have travelled outside Ghana and have seen the contributions and sacrifice that leaders and ordinary people in those areas make to ensure that lives get better for everyone and yet Ghanaian returnees seem to keep this knowledge to themselves.

“The time has come for Ghanaians who have experienced and witnessed good practices in other cities and countries to facilitate the implementation of these practices in their communities and districts when they return to Ghana,” she stated.

“We all have a role to play to ensure that Ghana and our communities get better and so if we see good practices elsewhere, it is incumbent on us to impart this knowledge in our communities,” Madam Abayage indicated.

The Medical Superintendent of the Navrongo War Memorial Hospital, Dr Majeed Alhassan, who received the items on behalf of the management, expressed his gratitude to Madam Abayage for the kind gesture and assured that the hospital would put the paediatric ward and all contents to good use.

“We are doing our best to save lives and improve on people’s health conditions here and we want the public to appreciate this and cooperate with us to improve on health delivery in this area,” Dr Majeed Alhassan said.

From Ebo Bruce-Quansah, Navrongo