Enshika Transport Begins Operations

Online transport service provider, Enshika, has begun operations in Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi.

Announcing this at the launch of the Enshika app which provides other services in addition to transportation, Ebenezer Osei said Enshika is on course to developing a complete ecosystem under which customers will be able to enjoy benefits.

“When Uber entered this market in 2016, it was quite evident that it will be followed by some home-grown solutions or new international ones trying to come with offerings at reduced commission prices or few temporary giveaways to entice customers and drivers initially and then falling back to their usual ways,” Mr. Osei said.

“Patrons of Enishka can also earn “Enshika points” every time they take the ride which they can redeem at various partner outlets that have partnered Enshika to offer discounts to its customers.

“Apart from this, Enshikans will also earn points, every time their referred friends & family take a ride. You can easily refer friends or family using your Enshika ID, the first such Unique Digital ID in the country to be used for referrals, redemption and other use,” he explained.

Mr Osei disclosed that Enshika focuses on students and corporate workers, who at the time of registration can choose their school or organization for permanent discounts.

He said rides can also be booked in advance to save time.

To distinguish it from other companies offering similar services, the country manager said Enshika has also “consciously decided not to indulge into Surge Pricing, as it does not align to its corporate policy of providing free and fair services to its customers.”

Mr. Osei said Enshika is currently in talks to expand its presence in Africa “and shall continue to thrust its presence with its Unique, Innovative and Continual offerings with the aim to have inclusive growth for all its partners.”

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri