‘Emotional Surgery’ Exhibition To Open At Goethe-Institut

Dr. Grimmond-Thompson displaying one of his works

An exhibition of artworks by Dr. Robert Grimmond-Thompson that recognise surgery as a huge emotional activity will be opened on Monday, November 12 at the Goethe-Institut in Accra.

Titled ‘Emotional Surgery’, they employ the use of geometric shapes and colours, transmit messages through the eyes to the brain while reassuring the mind, which is reminiscent of hypnosis but rather self-induced – and it brings all the components of the body, organs and all to a base equilibrium.

In other pieces, the artist, who created emotional surgery, uses jute sacs, which he stitches together while embellishing them with calabashes, raffia fans and other items while using earth colours for paintings that equally touch the emotions of the viewer.

With a deep knowledge and understanding of psychology and neuroscience, Dr. Grimmond-Thompson’s concept of emotional surgery offers patients an array of colours through a slide show of shapes and objects in a soothing mix that gradually brings the activities to a resting level.

Prof. Ablade Glover, director of Artists Alliance Gallery, will open the exhibition alongside a keynote address by renowned pathologist / consultant Prof. Agyeman Badu Akosa on emotional surgery. Goethe-Institut is supporting the exhibition.