Early Warning

Still, I am on the preacherpeople. They have a don who once wondered where all the nyansafoɔ (the wise) in the motherland had gone hiding. Only yesterday, their chief scribe (of the all for Christ faith) lumped politicians of red, white and blue or red, white, black and white colours together: ‘Politicians of all classes in the country are the same and are potential criminals.’ Then bluntly: ‘What NPP is doing is not different from that of NDC.’ Really? If that is true, it spells doom for the motherland. If that is not true, where’s the evidence? It seems to spell serious trouble for the motherland.

Somebody must start a movement to save the motherland. The Kufuor brand appointees with lived life experience seems to be fading very fast. Too few can be spotted among the septuagenarian in a hurry’s crop. What seems to be emerging is the congress ampℇbrℇ brand, irrespective of party. I am referring to the create loot and share babies with sharp teeth whose belief in life achievement is tethered to control of state resources. Once in control, they appropriate everything to themselves, family and friends, maybe party with nothing left for the motherland.

The motherland needs a critical mass of daughters and sons who have lived lives independent of the state and have managed to achieve. Things will be the same bad if we should descend and defer to a generation whose only idea of success is the ability and capacity to plunder our common resources as vested in the state. Thieving from public office to prosper can never develop any motherland. So let everyone who cares about this our dear motherland, amanmma (compatriots) who believe in the motherland wake up to the spectre of leaders of plunder.

Uncle Sam’s daughters and sons claim architect of democracy surpassed only by the Greek brand. They don’t know about our competition in cooperation brand. So theirs is the best in their eyes and sights. We have decided to follow them almost blindly and so when we are looking for the ideal in that brand of democracy we quote them. So I quote something written about their dire in straits current democracy: ‘Party and power versus country and constitution.’

Osono draws its support base from the middle class. Its hold on the base, by all indications, however, is tenuous. The reason for the tenuousness is that it is a highly rational group for which nothing can be taken for granted. Its elements analyse words, phrases and sentences they hear, read and see. Go ask congress. The few that were rooting for them and from whom they were expecting votes to comfortably lead in 2016 deserted them in droves. Middle ‘classers’ could see through the lies congresspeople were telling and rather saw them in the visible evidence of proof of their looting.

That is why the ɔsono deputy scribe’s brag of an opponent will never be voted into power again is needless, irritating and boasting. He even had the audacity to effectively swear he would quit politics should congress ever be vote returned to power. The middle class support base expects little political talk that borders on arrogance. It cherishes a lot of humility backed with actions that positively impact their living conditions. If you want to keep them with you, you focus on that.

The preacherman’s ‘all politicians are the same’ characterisation is an early warning sign for osonomma. They can take heed or ignore it as vane talk. Choosing the latter will be like the foolish who ignored an early warning sign and perished by their foolishness. Choosing to take note and work by it will be a wise counsel absorbed for wise guidance. It cannot be some, though. It is all right or nothing.

I come nowhere to counselling Frimpog-Boateng about that. He has lived a living of stellar purpose and direction to the fruitful achievement many can only dream. But the ones who want V8 to go and do party work during the weekend are the poisons. If they don’t get warned by the preacherman’s early warning talk, they will pull down the mighty F-Bs with them when downing president and party.

Listen to veteran politician and legal luminary Sam Okudzeto ‘Nana Addo is my hope now. This is our last chance. If this one fails we are doomed.’ If you think the veteran politician is joking, look around, party colourlessly, and point to any potential leader who is as selfless, as determined to do right, as incorrupt as Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. In fact, show me one that has lived a life of riches who did not steal from state resources they were supposed to manage on behalf of the motherland and us her children compatriots.

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh