Dwayne Johnson To Run For President

Dwayne Johnson

American actor Dwayne Johnson has hinted it’s possible he will run for president.

He reiterated his seriousness on the matter in an interview with Instyle Magazine, saying, “This whole thing started with a piece in The Washington Post about a year and a half, two years ago.”

“And then, when it started to pick up and got to the point where it was just impossible to ignore, I said, ‘Of course I would consider a run.’

“So where we’re at right now is just quietly observing everything happening on the political landscape, and when the next election comes along … I will be watching very intently.”

The actor’s many loyal fans have been encouraging Johnson to run for president and the actor promised he’d consider it.

For now, however, he is just planning on carefully observing the political scene, and when the time comes, he’ll take the very important decision.

“What we are in need of is a greater leadership that is inclusive and truly hears the people and does not have a knee-jerk reaction out of anger. And we will have a chance in a few years to cast another vote, and we will see where the American people are when that time comes,” celebrityinsider.org also quoted him.