Despondent And Tattered

There is no letup in the desperation of the members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). But don’t they need sympathy when the party is in such shambles and needs a difficult-to-come-by salvation? Even if they do, we nonetheless have to remind them about the importance of being moderate in the moments of desperation under the prevailing circumstances they find themselves in today.

A party which vacated the helm of state two years shy of a few months should not under normal circumstances be so tattered as to start groping in the darkness as it were; as the NDC is seemingly doing.

The purely business arrangement the newly elected National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) crafted is on the sight of the NDC as the party holds onto it as a drowning man would a reed.

A man whose chairmanship of the NPP saw the grouping wrest power from them, in their estimation, should be subjected to such punks so he can wear out for them to launch the kill. They appear to be ignoring the fact of Freddie Blay’s stoicism who saw action fighting the PNDC junta and so understands the bad ways of the gang’s descendant, the NDC.

We have not seen anywhere in our statute books that a political party cannot roll out a financial product such as the bus service with a view to raising funds for the day to day running of the party at the constituency levels; now on the lips of the opposition.

There is nothing wrong with the NDC putting up a mansion, a $20 million property, whose proceeds would definitely augment the contents of the party’s kitty. But there are many things wrong when the Chairman or for that matter, the party does so.

The precedence set by the NDC therefore in their plush Adabraka property is sufficient evidence for their double standards.

We think that all political parties, if they can, should consider engaging in business ventures so proceeds from such transactions can be used to run party activities. What an effective means of stopping parties looking up to business personalities for such funds – an obvious impetus for corruption and breaches of procurement law in the country.

The insinuations being adduced are not only laughable they lack merit and showcase the imbecility of the NDC especially when they are in opposition and befuddled.

An NDC Chairman of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) would have dipped his hands into the corporate accounts and undertaken personal projects with it not an NPP’s.

The things, or better still, acts of impropriety which the NDC are capable of doing do not belong to the stable of the NPP; not with President Akufo-Addo at the helm.

We have heard about an assortment of mischievous ploys lined up for a project to undermine the NPP, unfortunately, none of them is flying and so frustration is setting in. The purchase of the buses for business purposes as being implemented by the newly elected Chairman, provides an exciting option for the NDC, especially since they can count on the high decibel of friendly radio stations to do their mischievous bidding.  What an opposition party!