Denying The Movie Star

Living in denial of realities has affected the National Democratic Congress (NDC) enormously. Not even the contents of a report on why the party performed abysmally during the last general election are worth considering; it would appear.

One of the symptoms of a grouping destined to fail in its endeavours after an electoral crash as did the NDC is exactly what some of the leading figures of the party are doing in the face of the Prof Kwesi Botchwey report – stocked away somewhere in the rooms of some apparatchiks.

It is a document the likes of Kofi Adams and Prof William Ahadzi of the National Identification Authority (NIA) infamy would have rather did not appear in the public domain. For them, therefore attacking the integrity of the DAILY GUIDE through a denial of the contents of the document, the basis of our news stories, is the best way to go.

Unfortunately in today’s world, documents of this importance put together by personalities like Prof Kwesi Botchway cannot remain in concealment indefinitely when they relate to a political party.

And it expectedly came to pass that the DAILY GUIDE laid its hands on the priceless document as newspapers worth their salt the world over do under such circumstances.

This is not a document to be used in decorating libraries but should be disseminated as we are doing.

The Movie Star tag, one of the segments of the report appears to have hurt the ego of the party badly compelling the duo, as earlier mentioned, to deny the contents. They would have done their integrity more good by denying other details such as the number of pages and the like of the publication.

An important report which should have helped the party in its bid to stay relevant and march on as a political grouping worth listening to is by such denials being reduced to nothingness, unless of course, the denial is but a pretentious effort meant only to deal DAILY GUIDE a blow for its brusqueness and curiosity – two attributes which stand a good newspaper from one which is not.

The Movie Star role by the former President referred to by party supporters and activists, respondents of the countrywide survey, showed how flippant the former President went about the rather serious business of political campaigning.

Eureka! Now we know why millions of dollars went down the drain under the watch of the Professor NIA. Nothing came out of the project hence its repackaging under the Akufo-Addo administration.

Still exhibiting his trademark traits of incompetency in the NDC as the man in charge of research, we do not find him as capable of feeding the party with credible findings. The elders of the party might have to rethink the enormous role they have bestowed upon him.

Kofi Adams too? Talk about inconsistent personalities and that is an apt representation of this man who hardly convinces anybody these days with his positions.

We might decide eventually to serialize verbatim the contents of the Report to compel the two to release their copies. The Movie Star is yet to react. Perhaps he won’t.