Denk Pharm Launches Nutrition Line

DENK PHARMA, a global company with core competence in the area of healthcare, has introduced a new nutrition portfolio unto the Ghanaian market as part of efforts to support the well-being of Ghanaians.

The new product line, consisting of food supplement for all age groups, adds to DENK’s list of  therapeutic areas such as analgesics, antiallergics, antibiotics and expectorant, antimalarials, cardiometabolic drugs, dermatologic drugs, gastro intestinal drugs, minerals and vitamins, oncology and respiratory drugs.

Dr Naa Okailey Adamafio-Manteau, Country Manager of DENK PHARMA, in an interview with DAILY GUIDE on the sidelines of the launch of the products, disclosed that DENK has been in Ghana for over 20 years providing quality medicines to the Ghanaian public.

She, however, indicated that the company realised the need to introduce its nutrition portfolio of food supplementation as a result of low micro nutrients recorded among Ghanaians.

“This is necessary because we tend not to eat well so there is the need for micro-nutrients supplementation,” she added.

She added that the product which comes in categories of family planning, minerals and vitamins and special treatment are cost-effective.

“We have prenatal, lactonatal+DHA, and fertile forte for family planning, ferro vital, D3 active and junior magnes active and calcium active for lost of vitamins and minerals and for special treatment we have joint active, l-active, immune active and thymair as well as brain active.

We ensure people are getting the quality they need at a much more affordable cost so that they can pay less but not compromise on the excellent quality they are looking for,” she stated.

DENK PHARMA was founded in Munich, Germany, in 1948 and has a strong focus on export markets and presently supplies its DENK PHARMA premium medicine and food supplements around the world.

For more than 65 years, the company has delivered quality that is “made in Germany to ensure that all patients worldwide receive the same high-quality as they do in Germany.

“We strongly believe that, through our work and our products, we are making a contribution towards improving the quality of our customers’ lives as health is a precious commodity for every human, regardless of where they live and their financial situation,” Dr Adamafio-Manteau concluded.

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri