Coup A-Cooking?

Koku Anyidoho

A coup is a coup regardless of how it is garbed in expression. Whether it is a civilian-organised or by soldiers or even mercenaries, the ultimate objective is to oust a government installed through a democratic election in a given country – a treasonable act.

Koku Anyidoho, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) machoman, has served notice that a coup is in the making. The National Security Council must express gratitude to the gentleman for making their work easy.

He spoke about how Kutu Acheampong overthrew the government of Prime Minister K.A. Busia, a regime which had the President’s father serving as a ceremonial head of state. A civilian coup is what he promised would be organised to shorten the life of the government. What more must he say to be charged with treason?

Instead of assembling intelligence and analyzing same for important leads, Koku has presented straightforward information about what is up the sleeves of the NDC; a coup.

All they have to do now is have a chat with him so he can divulge more details about the pending putsch, courtesy the NDC. He has already released one of the details which according to him would involve an incessant pilling up of pressure on the government till it breaks down; such as today’s demonstration which is an NDC affair – the name they have christened it notwithstanding. Earlier, he said he would make the country ungovernable should the Ghana, US military deal go through. The dress rehearsal in Parliament comes to mind.

He and the NDC as a party, have left us in no doubt about their sinister intentions. When the late Dr. Hilla Limann was told about plans to oust him, he did little to thwart the plans but he eventually paid dearly for his indifference.

The government of President Akufo-Addo and the appropriate security apparatus would not treat this threat with kid’s gloves, we are sure. What befell Dr. Limann would not repeat itself.

Such hubris from a young man who thinks he can take the whole of Ghana to ransom should not be countenanced under any circumstances. We the people of this great country would not sit down for anybody to create mayhem. The rule of law would be allowed to work the full hog.

Those who seek to demonstrate today should do so – it is their constitutional right but under no circumstance should their march create a nuisance to the rest of us and even threaten our peace.

When the Montie three did what they did, they were merely living up to the standards of the NDC and so is Koku Anyidoho.

The security agents must be on their guard as they could draw them into a brawl so they can cry foul and use the opportunity so created to prosecute their dastardly plans.

It is an NDC demonstration and although it is ostensibly a protest against the US, Ghana military deal, the truth is that it is the opposition venting their frustration over life outside government.