COSUA Fires Top Officials

COSUA prez, Sarfo Abebrese flanked by Madani ® and Danso Abebrese, COSUA, USA Executive Director

The CEO of the Coalition of Supporters Unions of Africa (COSUA), Mrs. Shirley BAHULA-ERMIAS of South Africa, and the Vice President in charge of Northern Africa, Madani Al Mahadi of Sudan, have been dismissed.

In a letter of dismissal signed by the Chairman of the Executive Council of COSUA, Dr. Ken Aryeetey, COSUA charged the two officers for trying to submit a Partnership Agreement that COSUA had signed with the African Union, to raise funds for their personal agenda, using SFT GAS & OIL Company in Russia.

Confirming the story in a telephone chat with “Daily Guide Sports “, Lawyer Sarfo Abebrese who is the founder and President of COSUA said, he signed the contract with the AU Vice Chairman, Mr Kwesi Quartey, in Addis Ababa earlier this year, but had been keeping it with the confidentiality such documents require.

He said Madani, however, managed to get a copy when he brought one Dr. Zuhair Ammoura of Jordan to Ghana under the pretext of signing another Partnership Agreement with his Egyptian company, Union for Development and Investment.

However, the copy of the AU contract that was attached to the new contract was rather copied by Madani and emailed to Mrs. Bahula-Ermias to be used to raise funds for her SFT COMPANY under the pretext of sponsoring African fans to the World Cup in Russia.

The deal was busted when the said AU Contract got to the AU for authentication, and it was realized that the President and other executives of COSUA in Ghana knew nothing about the deal.