Cops Take Bribe From Trotro Drivers

One of the policemen taking money from a commercial driver

A GROUP of uniformed policemen have been caught in a short video footage openly collecting what looks like bribe from drivers plying a certain busy highway in the country.

The video, which lasts for about three minutes, has since gone viral on virtually all the social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook, information available to this paper indicates.

In the three minutes video, obviously recorded on the blind side of the men in black uniform, they (cops), who had been tasked to check documentation of vehicles, were rather seen taking moneys from commercial bus drivers.

The bold manner in which the cops collected the moneys gave a sign that they did not have any slight idea that they were being filmed by someone. The person who filmed the act might have done so from a parked vehicle.

In what looked like a well-rehearsed collaborative mission, the policemen are spotted on both sides of what seems like a busy highway as they collected the moneys with confidence.

Interestingly, the action of the drivers also seems to suggest that they (drivers) agree to the illegal action of the policemen. The drivers are seen willingly giving the monies to the cops without the slimmest hesitation.

In the video, the drivers slow down their vehicles when they reach where the policemen are stationed. They then hand over the monies to the policemen in a swift manner and move on.

At no point in the video did the cops try checking the documents of the commercial vehicles.

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