Conman With A Difference

When amnesia afflicts a politician it is dangerous. Our former President is a victim of this condition and it is showing in his public remarks as he continues his campaign. His sinister intentions could be responsible for the condition which might have come as a spell.

We are constrained to return to the subject of a John Mahama whose obsession with returning to the Jubilee House is doing him serious negativities for which we must be wary as a people.

We have chanced upon, if you like, an archival stuff dating back to the campaigning period which strips him even further – his insincerity too visible to need lighting.

He told his audience during a campaign trail prior to the last elections that he would implement a free boarding school system in the country touting the advantages of the programme freely.

It sounds ungentlemanly even insincere that today he would lambast a free SHS policy. His colours today suggest that he was only using false pretences to get the votes of Ghanaians with no real intention of implementing what he promised them.  Perhaps in his thinking, free boarding education is different from free SHS.

Consistency is a hallmark of a good politician; voters would consider it and vote accordingly unless they are overwhelmed by lies under certain circumstances which Ghana has long past anyway.

Unfortunately, we are witnessing this quality in the former President and wish to state here and now that this blemish is inconsistent with sincerity. For a country which is still reeling from the bad governance he visited on us, his words would ideally be digested with a pinch of salt.

We can unequivocally state that whenever this gentleman says he is going to review a policy, it means he is going to collapse same. There is empirical evidence to this effect too long for the limited space at our disposal. Suffice to remind Ghanaians that when he promised to review the National Health Insurance Scheme and promising a one-time premium, the flagship project crashed under him – deliberate – of course, and all that remained of it was its logo and an office but little or nothing in the form of an enhanced health delivery system as envisaged by its originator, former President John Agyekum Kufuor. This man should not be entrusted with the fate of this country not again.

This is a man who told Ghanaians when it was suspected that he was heading for an IMF bailout that he was rather seeking a policy credibility; whatever that meant. He ended up dragging Ghana to the guillotine as it were: three years of excruciating conditionalities such as unemployment freeze inter alia.  The fallouts remain with us even as the intensive unit care management being administered by the Akufo-Addo government is turning things around. And he has the guts to continue throwing dust into the eyes of some people in this country. Perhaps the gods want to humiliate him once more and more decisively. The symptoms are glaring.