Come On NDC, Be Serious For Once

Ghana is made up of an assortment of people – good and mischievous. While the good who are in the majority would support any enterprise which seeks to change the fate of the country, others (and they are not many but vociferous) would for the sake of their parochial interests stand against development in whatever way they can.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) fits the latter description and it is not surprising. While we do not expect them to say ‘Hosanna’ to the epoch-making launch of the graduate employment scheme – the Nation Builders’ Corps – we least thought they would incite unemployed graduates for whom the enterprise was rolled out, against the government.

If they had their way, unemployed graduates should turn their backs on the project so that the challenge would remain unsolved – and what a leverage for their political dreams. Unfortunately however, graduates, especially the unemployed, are discerning. They were taught critical thinking and cannot be pushed around by political clowns whose first employment was in the realm of politics.

It is amazing that leading NDC personalities would cast aspersions at the emolument earmarked for the graduate employees under the programme. If they were unable to address the graduate unemployment debacle, spoiling the broth – their stock-in-trade – is their best bet under these trying times in their political enterprise.

We think that the job experience that most of our graduates suffering the fallouts of the NDC’s bad governance would have been denied, but for the Akufo-Addo intervention, should be supported to flourish.

The dignity of labour is immeasurable, the level of remuneration notwithstanding. Those who have had to stay at home after their national service appreciate the importance of being employed.

Building a nation requires all hands on deck. It is for us therefore, reckless and irresponsible when the NDC extends its mischief into the lives of our young graduates who need such engagement as a stepping stone for their future. Experimenting their new political tricks on our young graduates is something we would kick against with all our might; and we can count on the support of majority of our compatriots in this direction.

Those whose leader does not see anything wrong with the pollution of our environment, especially water bodies, and would openly support illegal mining activities in the country, should never be taken serious under any circumstance.

This is the quality of opposition we have been saddled with in the country. Are they saying that the graduates should turn their backs on the builders’ corps and remain glued to their homes until they get five thousand cedis a month employment?

The stories of the humble beginnings of many Ghanaians and others outside the country are rich in lessons for our young graduates to want to listen to rather than those enjoying the spoils of corruption and mismanagement.

A concept which has moved beyond the drawing board and now at the implementation stage is the fulfillment of a promise of a visionary leader, which should be commended and not condemned for the sake of vote seeking. Come on NDC, come off this nonsense and let us build this nation once and for all.