Classic Defeat, Factors Accounting for it

President John Mahama

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) are said to have commenced a search for why the party lost so abysmally to the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The expensive venture, in our opinion, should not have involved the setting up of a committee and its attendant high cost of running. If they could engage with Ghanaians, they would have told them why they turned their back on the party.

We on our part would venture some factors which led to the humiliating defeat, the worst to be suffered by an incumbent party in living memory.

The hubris, which the young ministers exhibited as they held public office, courtesy the President who found them ideal for the positions, should not be ignored.

The manner in which they responded to questions about governance put off a lot of people who decided that they would teach the party a bitter lesson.

Although corruption was widespread during the tenure of the outgoing government, the President sought to downplay it by asking that those with evidence should produce same for action.

We would have thought that government appointees who messed up Ghana’s money-bag during the Brazil engagement would have been punished. They were not but rather brought closer to the President at the Flagstaff House, an indication that he found nothing wrong with their stewardship.

The manner in which the Woyome issue was handled left much to be desired.

Government, through its lawyer, did not show sufficient evidence of seeking to retrieve the money which was dissipated with no work done.

The mismanagement of the public purse at a time when there are countless radio stations across the country made it possible for those who could not hear details of such financial misdemeanor to hear same and make their judgment.

Ghanaians were economically deprived to the marrow as they witnessed the doling out of expensive cars to chiefs and the Akua Donkors. Under such circumstances, how can you win an election even if the so-called silent majority decided to vote for the NDC according to President John Mahama.

The recent polls have brought out one great fact: we have been operating an over-bloated voters’ register and most Ghanaians spoke against it but the Electoral Commission under Charlotte Osei could not be convinced.

We have seen the glaring trend from some parts of the country where the overwhelming figures which used to come from these areas could not be maintained.

Vigilance by Ghanaians who demanded a change in the political status quo did the magic.

Never again would Ghanaians allow the open thievery of the electoral system.

The foregone are but a few factors which led to the defeat of the NDC.

Didn’t the intelligence report suggest that they would lose the polls?