CDD-Ghana Calls For More Attention

The Ghana Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) has called for more attention to be paid to mental health in Ghana as the world celebrates World Mental Health Day.

The policy analysis group, while congratulating all mental health practitioners, the Mental Health Authority (MHA) and all those who have contributed in diverse ways to ensure that the country’s mental health system is running amidst all the challenges, reminded government of the urgent steps to be taken to ensure mental health is decentralised in the country as stipulated in the Mental Health Law.

According to CDD-Ghana, the Legislative Instrument (LI) of the Mental Health Act, 2012 (Act 846) should be presented to parliament as soon as the House resumes sitting to ensure full operationalisation of the law.

“Government must provide adequate resources to all mental health centers across the country. With the 2019 budget expected to read in November, the Ministry of Finance should make sufficient provision for frontline mental health agencies as well as step up the mental health fund and appoint a governing board for the Mental Health Authority, as well as provide the Authority with the needed resources to operate,” a CDD-Ghana press release copied to DAILY GUIDE stated.

It further advocated stronger collaboration between government institutions, non-state actors, including civil society organisations (CSOs) and the media to educate the public on mental health issues, as well as increase the number of mental health workers through better remuneration and education.

“This day presents a unique opportunity for government and all stakeholders to reflect and take steps to improve upon the existing structures to provide adequate support systems which would aid the delivery of quality mental health care to all citizens,” it observed.