I Can’t Live In Harmony With Criminals – Amidu

Martin Amidu

Special Prosecutor nominee, Martin Amidu has dismissed claims he has an axe to grind in his fight against corruption.

The widely acclaimed anti-corruption campaigner said he has lived in harmony with many people but criminals.

Under his characteristic serious tone, the former Attorney-General (A-G) told Parliament’s Appointments Committee Tuesday, he will associate with Ghanaians who have the interest of the country at heart.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s announcement of Mr Amidu as the Special Prosecutor nominee received mixed reactions from the public.

While sections of Ghanaians have lauded the decision, some leading members of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) have been less enthused about the appointment.

His critics have cited his numerous campaigns against the past NDC regime over perceived corruption as signs that he will not be impartial in the discharge of his prosecutorial role if approved.

But Mr Amidu said he will not use his position as the Special Prosecutor to settle personal scores as his critics have pointed out.

The constitutional defence advocate said he can live with “decent people” who are equally passionate about stopping corruption.

But he cannot put up with “criminals” who want to be rich at all cost on the back of vulnerable and innocent Ghanaians.

“This country is not a milking cow [and] whether I am approved or not I will continue to fight corruption,” the non-compromising anti-corruption campaigner said.

Reacting to a question about the GHS51.2million wrongfully paid businessman, Alfred Woyome, Mr Amidu said the state can only retrieve the money if it sues all the people who were involved in the payment.

“Woyome cannot be prosecuted alone…we should prosecute everybody involved,” he said.