‘Buy Ambulances From $1m Constituency Fund’

The broken down ambulances

Part of the one million dollars allocated to constituencies under the ‘one million dollars, one constituency policy’ should be used in buying ambulances, the vice president has advocated.

That is the only way to save the ambulance service from total collapse, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia suggested.

He was answering a question from a viewer during the Multimedia organised ‘100 days with the vice president’ on Monday.

The programme was to assess the performance of the Akufo-Addo regime in 100 days.

The vice president, in his opening remarks, outlined what he said were 103 achievements chalked in 100 days by the new administration.

He cited major strides made in the economy, education and energy secto

In a town hall format, the vice president answered questions from moderators, Joy FM reporters and answered same from the specially invited audience present at the Law Court Complex in Accra for the town hall meeting.

Questions were also taken via WhatsApp and other social media networks from Ghanaians around the country.

One of the questions on WhatsApp video suggested that the ambulance service was in total collapse and that the fleet of ambulances bought in 2012 had either broken down or were on the verge of breaking down.

The questioner wanted to find out from Dr Bawumia what the government was doing to resolve the looming crisis at the ambulance service.

Ambulances are instrumental in providing first aid to victims of accidents and other health-related challenges before they are sent to hospitals.

In his answer, the vice president said the reason for the ‘one constituency, one million dollars policy’ is to ensure that the various constituencies across the country would be able to resolve pertinent issues affecting them without waiting for the central government to intervene.

“If you wait for the central government, the money will never come,” he suggested, pointing out that the constituencies can each take from the ‘one million dollars’ an amount of money to buy a new ambulance for use by the constituency.

Dr Bawumia said he will specifically ensure that the ambulances are bought for use in the various districts and constituencies.

The vice president answered questions on a wide range of issues, including galamsey, economy, vigilante activities and the IMF deal.

He was optimistic that given the challenges the new government inherited, it is on track to meeting its promise of building a Ghana beyond aid.