Busy On The Diabolic Path

Alhassan Suhyini

Many Dagomba elites are disappointed that Hon Alhassan Suhyini would want to stoke the fire of the Abudu and Andani chieftaincy feud. Not this time when auspicious efforts are being made by a cross section of concerned educated Dagombas to deal a permanent blow to the costly dispute which has threatened development in this part of the country.

The last thing progressive youth from Dagbon would want is the re-enacting of the intra-ethnic feud directly or indirectly.

Whoever seeks to profit from concealed or open dividend by such efforts should be exposed by all means possible.

Alhassan Suhyini’s questions when he took his turn to interview a deputy minister designate, a Dagomba, recently did not earn him accolades but condemnation and justifiably so. One did not have to strain so much to find out what he aimed to achieve when he was on the floor throwing questions relating to the dispute. His line of questioning was as tendentious as it was appalling especially for someone who should have been rather seeking to douse the fire permanently.

Seeking to bring to the front burner the unenviable troubles of Dagbon which have denied Dagombas the deference they are entitled to for several years is something which has attracted an ethnic opprobrium which he must work hard to reverse.

For a young learning the ropes of parliamentary practice, the bellicose and mischievous module does not serve his best interest. He would be better off steering off the minefield he wants to profit from rather crudely.

Nobody should be allowed at this time, be they Dagombas or not, to water the seed of discord which has stalled the growth of Dagbon unnecessarily.

Anybody who, at this time of peace-building initiative being championed by a group of elites as pointed out earlier, tries to pull the hand of the clock backwards must be stopped. The crusade for peace in Dagbon is a task for not only Dagombas but others outside the ethnic grouping. As an integral part of Ghana, anybody whose machinations are intended to see trouble flourish in Dagbon should be regarded as diabolic killjoys unworthy of respect by all well-meaning Ghanaians.

The peace being maintained in Dagbon must not be allowed to be blown away by the self-seeking agenda of individuals who erroneously think that such irresponsible interventions are the paths to fame.

The people’s  deputies should represent the interests of their people positively, if however, their individual interests overwhelm the general good of their people then they are becoming irresponsible and diabolic and failing to live up to the expectations of their people.

It is our take that had such persons told their people that they would champion the path of divisiveness in Dagbon they would not have had a single vote.

The MP refused to see the need for the development of the many tourist attractions in Dagbon and preferred to rather pitch camp on unproductive matters with no positive bearing on his people. By their body languages and demeanours, their true colours shall be known.