Bawumia, Samira Don’t Hide Love

Vice President Bawumia and Samira 

It’s evidently clear that Samira is really one of the ribs of Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia – as has been told about how God created the woman.

Religion indicates that God took a rib from the man (Adam) and created the woman (Eve) with it.

The open exhibition of intimacy by Dr Bawumia and Mrs Samira Bawumia is very admirable and is a good example worthy of emulation by all other couples.

Dr and Mrs Bawumia are regularly seen side-by-side in public showing affection to each other without any reservation.

They did not hide that affection last week Thursday when they showed up in parliament to give moral support to President Nana Akufo-Addo when the latter delivered his second State of the Nation Address after assuming power a little over a year ago.

Their body language always suggests that they are not ashamed to show their love to each other in public.

With broad smiles in and outside parliament, the vice president and his wife posed for the paparazzi who relished taking snapshots of them for publication in the various media outlets.

Being an ideal woman, Mrs Samira Buwamia stood solidly behind her husband when he travelled to London a few weeks ago to receive medical treatment and have some rest. They were seen on the Oxford Street strolling heartily after he had recovered from his illness; and the posture went viral on the social media, thereby, setting the hearts of all those who wished the vice president speedy recovery at rest.

Samira’s role in her husband’s political life, to many an observer, is invaluable as it is obviously the propelling force behind his assuming the high office of vice president – the second gentleman of the land – and making her the second lady.

The two lovebirds met in May 2003 and got married nine months later (in February 2004). Their first daughter, Nadia, was born in December 2004. They are currently blessed with four children.