Bawumia In Full Flight

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

‘We have been witnesses to 8 years of his governance as vice president and president and we know what 419 scams look like’ said Bawumia about former President John Mahama.

If anybody had misgivings about Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia’s willingness to return fire and rapidly so to scathing remarks from those tagged with the worst corruption record in the country, his reaction to former President John Mahama’s  ‘George Orwell Pig analogy’ is basis for a rethink.

He was ruthless, showing no mercy to those who when they were at the helm messed up the economy so badly that for them to still have the effrontery to talk as they are doing is to insult our intelligence as citizens of this great nation.

Many are they who think that the effrontery stems from the fact that none of them who misused public funds in their custodies for various non-existent projects has made an appearance in a court of law yet.  It is a factor responsible for their emboldened posture. Former President John Mahama could even point at Dzifa Attivor who resigned over the smelly bus branding project as though it is something to clap our hands about. She resigned after a letter to that effect was crafted at the Flagstaff House and she merely appended her signature to it.

Others engaged in acts of impropriety were merely given desks at the seat of government as they continued to enjoy the freebies of the Presidency. And this former President John Mahama dangles in front of us the way he did when he was on his premature campaign trail a few days ago.

He deserved what he got from the tongue of Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia. This time he can no longer say the Vice President has never been near high office of the Presidency and so not primed to criticize him.

All things being equal, his appointees would soon take their turns to account for their rape of the economy in court.

The Vice President was so apt and swift with his response that it appeared that he was already waiting for an opportunity to fire from all cylinders. He did just that leaving us with so much to digest.

Dr. Bawumia left out one important point: when such opportunities to select a company to manage a National Digital Public Addressing System (NDPAS) knock under the previous government, the sole sourcing system was the preferred mode.

We do not think that former President John Mahama can look us in the eyes, hand on his heart and counter our position.

To describe the NDPAS as a scam is to attempt to throw dust into the eyes of Ghanaians at a time when most of us have outgrown the politically primitive days when such gimmicks worked for the NDC.

Indeed corruption is synonymous with the previous government. Former President John Mahama, unfortunately, is failing to read the new direction of politics in Ghana and therefore awaiting another Waterloo.