ARS Feuding Parties In Ho Unite

The branches of the Apostles Revelation Society (ARS) Church in the Ho Municipality of the Volta Region have held a reconciliatory and thanksgiving service to reunite members of the church in the area.

The service was held to consolidate efforts being made by leaders to bring complete end to factionalism in the church over a decade.

The ARS Church with its headquarters in Tadzewu in the Ketu North District of the Volta Region is one of the biggest religious institution from the Volta Region.

The founder of the church, Prophet Mawufeame Charles Kwabla Nutornti Wovenu, who converted the pagan worshippers, encouraged members to worship God by singing, drumming and dancing, which are key traditions of the Ewe people.

It is normal to hear the local Agbadza songs in ARS, which resonates more with Ewes who form the majority of the congregants.

Apart from the Christian practices, the Church has adopted Ewe practices like outdooring of twins, widowhood rites and installation of chiefs.

The church, which was established in 1945, now boasts of over 700 branches in countries such as Canada, USA, England, Holland, France among others.

Unfortunately, the demise of the founder in 1999 brought some division among members over the leadership, a situation which has greatly affected the growth of the church.

In an attempt to avert factionalism in the church, the branches of the church in Edem, Unity and Central Parishes, held a joint service to climax the Easter celebrations.

They used the service to send a strong signal to other branches across the world to unite.

The pastors, elders and leaders, who took part in the event, including Rev. Mawutor Wovenu, Rev G.D. Gakpetor, Rev Agbeko Semiabe, took turns to urge members to promote peace.

This, according to them, would lead to the holistic growth of the church.

They also urged all members of the church, both home and abroad, to take a cue from them and stop the factionalism.

The branches in Ho, who were happy to be united, also held games to promote peace.

From Fred Duodu, Ho (