Afrikania Mission Declares War On Homosexuals

Osofo Komfo Atsu Kove

THE AFRIKANIA Mission has vowed to invoke the wrath of the gods of Africa on anybody or group of people who want to bring a curse on Africa by introducing homosexuality in Ghana.

In a press release issued yesterday in Accra and signed by Osofo Komfo Atsu Kove, Head of Mission, it noted that the leadership of Afrikania Mission was strongly against the practice of homosexuality as was being advocated by some Ghanaians.

“We, as Africans abhor certain practices and behaviors. Homosexuality is one of the biggest abominations on record in Africa. It therefore sounds very strange that today some Ghanaians, as Africans, form an Association of Homosexual and Lesbians to ridicule themselves.”

“It is very sad the President failed to go straight to the point to declare the current position of Ghanaians and for that matter of Africans on the issue of homosexuality like his predecessors instead of his ambiguity to please our slave masters because of their financial help which stirred public uproar,” it stated.

It continued that Afrikania was not somehow shocked, because Africans had sold their culture and tradition adding a group of people who had thrown away their culture was bound to behave strangely, a typical example being “how some of our girls expose their sacred parts in public in the name of musical performances.”

It further wondered how the display of nudity, which was an abomination in the past, had now become a fashion and the display of civilization.

“Every society has what makes its people fearsome. Europeans are feared because of their guns and bombs, the Indians are feared because of their magical powers, the Arabs are feared because of audacity and Africans are feared because of supernatural powers and the fast invocation of the power of the Supreme Creator, the gods and ancestral spirits.

“Once a society lost these powers, it becomes a toy to be controlled by another society. This is exactly what is happening to Africans. Copying other people blindly is never a sign of civilization.

“Africans today import all kinds of thrashes including religion forgetting that religion is part of culture. We are made to believe that unless we accept the white Jesus as our savior and accept a white-man god of Israel, we can never make it. We forget that Japan, India, Arabia, China etc… are not Christian countries but look at their progress. Blacks waste their precious time always reading the Bible and making money for the charlatans calling themselves pastors. Today it is the Christian churches that are holding weddings for the homosexuals.”