Adeti Must Respect Military Standards

Maj Gen Sampson Adeti (rtd)

The military institution, for good reasons, must be spared partisan politics or anything which bears traits of it.

Unfortunately, this important convention, if you like, standard, has suffered regrettably in recent times as evidenced by two stories in the DAILY GUIDE in the past couple of editions.

Maj Gen Sampson Adeti (rtd) is interestingly the source of this breach. It is instructive that the man who sometime ago was the usurper of a vehicle donated to the Southern Command of the Ghana Army would be associated with the movement of NDC-branded vehicles to and from Burma Camp where he lives prior to his eventual pullout from the military.

As the chief security officer of the campaign team of the former President, it would not be in order for him to use Burma Camp as a terminus for NDC vehicles.

Recruits and Officer Cadets are taught about managing loyalties to their immediate superior officers, the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces and the Constitution, the ultimate. Under no circumstances should their partisan inclination be visible as to affect their professionalism. Therein lies the wisdom in not allowing personnel of the military from openly engaging in politics.

Gen Adeti’s political conduct as defined by his new assignment vis a vis his residence in Burma Camp is a source of concern. We implore the authorities to probe the matter and take appropriate action.

Gen Adeti has been carried away by the many breaches he got away with in the regime in which he was highly favoured and became untouchable. He could get away with breaches for which others would have been cashiered or even sanctioned according to military law. This is evidenced by his elevation to the rank of a Major-General even when the report of an investigation into his conduct vis a vis the Nissan Pickup Hard body case indicted him.

It is laws which define the quality of countries. If the previous order allowed such infractions, they can no longer hold sway under the present dispensation.

We have come a long way from those days when the likes of Maj Gen Adeti could do as they pleased in the Ghana Armed Forces regardless of how much these contradicted the regimental traditions.

Those who were sent on retirement when they were not due for such administrative procedure simply because they did the right thing by ordering an enquiry into the conduct of the said officer are also Ghanaians. They are watching as are those who were sent out of the country because they carried out orders of their superiors to probe the retired officer under review.

Isn’t it surprising that former President John Mahama has jumped to his defence with the lame and untenable claim that he is a retired officer and can therefore take custody of NDC campaign vehicles?  In as much as he lives within the confines of Burma Camp, his actions should be hinged on the standards of the Armed Forces.

The retired General must come to terms with the reality of now being part of the reserve list and should conduct himself as such. If he wants to take custody of NDC vehicles as chief watchman, let him do so outside Burma Camp and we would not have any issues with his decision.