A Case Study In Political Chicanery

Charlotte Osei

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) and their ranting about the dismissal of Charlotte Osei and her two deputies passes for an apt case study in political chicanery and hypocrisy.

What are the disparities between President Akufo-Addo’s action and his predecessor’s when he cracked the whip on Lorretta Lamptey of the Commission On Human Rights And Administrative Justice (CHRAJ)?

Both share identical characteristics in form and substance. So what is the cacophony about other than a display of their standard mischief when they are in opposition or in their perpetual mischief mode?

With the rigging option becoming obsolete as the overhaul of the Election Commission (EC) is on the verge of becoming a reality, their ranting should sometimes be understandable. But shouldn’t they be moderate even in their foul mode? Some logic could have won them a little public sympathy under the circumstances.

To be overwhelmed with such infantile thoughts and unfiltered public disclosures, only expose their political imbecility. We are constrained to be brusque in our commentary because the subject under review is critical to the survival of our democracy. When a political party threatens to burn the country because their darling lady has been shown the exit, lawfully, we have no option but to be stern.

That we lived under an EC with such symptoms of decay and managed to come this far unscathed as a country can be attributed to a divine intervention. There is no guarantee that the next polls under such symptoms would have been a different kettle of fish.

The NDC will stand against anything which poses a threat to electoral thievery, their stock-in-trade, over the years. Their relationship with Charlotte Osei is a special one; a fact evidenced by their near obsession with defending the woman even if their premises are wobbling and therefore the conclusion unsound to be of value on the political space.

Our memories about the so-called political parties’ debate over the Voters’ Register are still fresh. With the connivance of the NDC, the EC Chairperson was able to open the forum to all manner of persons claiming to be leaders of political parties. That was a well planned arrangement to make the replacement of the register unnecessary and so was it.

There is every reason for Charlotte and her two deputies to give way for sanity to be restored to the EC, an agency whose hallmarks should be decency and integrity.

We find their thinking unusual – those who hold the view that the EC in its current state should be left intact without any form of intervention as by the constitution prescribed.

The laws of the country would be applied by the appropriate agencies and those who think Ghana is a place where disgruntled elements can do as they please regardless of how their treasonable conduct can affect the country, must be living in a fool’s paradise.

It would be interesting to see how such nincompoops can make the country ungovernable as they are threatening when the courts are in place for them to seek redress if they are aggrieved.