Return To Ampɛbrɛ Presidency

After the election stealing break-and-enter tactics to become president, it seems it’s now time to use the backdoor in another try.  No lesson seems to have been learnt that stealing in cheating does not pay.  Clear that it has been that the incompetent stands to be exposed, even when cheating to win succeeds, someone appears unfazed, convinced that you can always cheat and get away with it; Amidu effect or not.

It may not happen and it should not happen because it would be an unnecessary burden on the motherland’s meagre finances. Unlike a chiefly return, it must not happen that a president is allowed to be president again after he has been sent off from the seat. That would be ridiculous. A chief rules for life. As long as he stays alive. Even a destooled or abdicating chief may return as Nana Ababio. A president rules for four years initially and another four years following the first four years if he is judged to have performed satisfactorily.  If he doesn’t, his presidency permanently terminates.

His chance is once and it continues till it stops. Should it stop before when he wishes it had stopped, that’s it. Once it stops through death, resignation, impeachment or a truncation or by any other means, it ceases never to recur. It is, therefore, difficult to understand why anyone would want to interpret this simple principle into something that inures to his person forgetting entirely about all of us; compatriots of the motherland. Only God knows how anyone who is aware his people have eaten the meat to the bone would seek to restore that.

Our motherland does not need, and should not be saddled with, any controversy or confusion that would arise from one person’s desire to ignore decency and doing right to humbly accept he messed up his chance and shouldn’t drag the motherland’s progress. To be paid or not to be paid double salary would be one area of contention. Unabashed at the low perception, I could see him arguing those on contract get their salary along their pension.

It shouldn’t be like anyone can return to contest presidency anyhow anytime like it is owned by someone’s father or family. Ex gratia every four years is; so would presidential double salary which cannot be justified because retirees on contract get paid salary and pension. No way should one given generous retirement benefits turn round to clamour for presidential double salary. You don’t take all that and go ahead to look for more money to become president again. It’s not anointed to be or not be but to be only once, four or eight years.

It’s like the use of power to enrich self and close associates while destroying for the rest was not satiating enough. Detrimental and devastating to the motherland’s fortunes and as thinking and doing that thinking is to the progress and advancement of the motherland, it is very strange that anyone who lived that life as our premier office holder would dare say he should be given another chance. I don’t see that as realizable. I think, though, that is embarking on a delusionary mission for two reasons.

One reason is that those who stole along with him, at his behest or by accident, never had to tell him as emperor that he had no clothes on. They are still unable to tell him he is without the clothes of wisdom, aptitude and competence required to achieve anything that would push the motherland development effort.

I am struggling in confusion over how no one is able to tell the man that his performance in the position was abysmal and that this motherland would not achieve at the pace it should with him that particular person leading the development charge. I pray all who have eyes to see but don’t seem to be seeing clearly would have their eyes clearly opened to reject this, the most selfish, self-centred, ego tripping, damn the motherland act.

His most grievous sin, the betrayal of Kwame Nkrumah by refusing to fix the seven kilometer un-motorable road to his town, Nkroful. The only other name you see on the precinct, his mausoleum, is Obetsebi Lamptey whose father was painfully detained by Nkrumah. How can someone who benefitted from Nkrumah’s largesse, the father as his Minister giving him access to the elite Achimota School and then transferring him to enjoy free education at Tamasco.

Truly, he should not bother anyone with a second coming bid. His congresspeople may accept him because he opens doors to chopping public funds to the confraternity. Ampɛbrɛ they all are. Just imagine none has been able to tell him, their pilot, about areas of corruption turbulence which he should have steered the motherland far far away from.

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh