2 Paddies Grabbed For House Break-In

Oscar Ngissah, and Shadrack Adjei in police custody

Two friends believed to be part of a syndicate that has been breaking into the homes of people to steal have been arrested by the Amasaman Police.

The two suspects have been identified as Oscar Ngissah, 26, aka Penin and Shadrack Adjei, 21.

The two were arrested after a resident saw them scaling the wall of a neigbour who was at work.

The two suspects were granted bail by the court but they are yet to meet the conditions.

Briefing the DAILY GUIDE, Chief Superintendent Francis Yiribaare, said the incident occurred on Monday, September 10, 2018 around 2pm.

The complainant (name withheld) saw Ngissah scaling the wall of her neigbour in the afternoon and immediately informed her father who was also at home.

The two alerted other neigbours who mobilized and apprehended Ngissah.

The suspect mentioned Adjei as his accomplice at the Police Station at Ayikai Doblo, near Amasaman.

According to him, Adjei was standing in front of the house to monitor the movements of people.

Reports said Adjei vanished upon the arrest of Ngissah by the residents.

Chief Superintendent Yiribaare said the police later arrested Adjei from his hideout.

The two were provisionally charged with stealing and arraigned before court.

The Amasaman Divisional Commander commended residents of the community for helping to arrest the duo.


By Linda Tenyah-Ayettey