Politician Or Political Thief

For many times, I have argued the unfairness of lumping politicians, good and bad, together in the motherland. I have argued, I believe successfully and without effort that between politicians of 1982-2000 and those of 2001-2008, one would find a very marked difference. The former left office with little for the motherland and lots for themselves. The latter left with something for themselves and much, much more for the motherland.

Now, though, I am kind of struggling to distinguish those of 2009-2016 from the current crop. That is why to keep holding on to my earlier differentiating arguments, I think I have found another way to say all politicians are not the same. It is a simple formula of distinguishing professional politicians from political thieves. The professional politician subscribes to some form of ethics in fighting for, occupying and exercising political office.

The political thief, on the other hand, would want everyone to see her or him as a professional politician although her or his prime motive is to enrich self by pretending to be playing the game of the professional politician. So just like the batakari as cloak confuses who the true kramo is, the political thief makes it difficult to appreciate the professional politician.

Both congresspeole and ɔsonomma harbour the two types. It is a matter of which type is the dominant in the group. Among ɔsonomma, you can find political thieves whose thieving attitudes and practices are as devastating to the motherland’s national economy and development effort as the congress type political thief. The difference is that the political thieves dominate congress while they are less dominant among ɔsonomma.

For example, if you question the suddenly rich economic status of a congress political thief, he would ask you to tell him what is wrong with his sudden riches. He may not have earned enough to buy a saloon car all his life. But he can scheme to become a group organiser and own five SUVs after some three years in office. When knowledge of that comes into the public domain he would insult everyone who will dare question his five car possession. That is a political thief.

So far, congress has been unable to make appointments to politically neutral positions chop chop free. They have put all compatriots of the woman’s cause in public office to shame. They have succeeded in tainting the offices on human rights and elections into centres of chop chopping. They seem to have a knack in appointing shrews who politically thief.

We remember the one who passionately pleaded vote congress or I find myself in prison for being a thieving politician. There was an attorney general who, in classic political thieving, mistress minded a single payment of over fifty-one million of the motherland’s money to a single individual. Citizen vigilante, determined as chief law enforcer to administer justice by checking political thieving was sacked for not politically thieving.

A ‘we no go sit down make chop chop everyday’ movement is threatening sacking the shrew desecrator of a national symbol. The workers defence committee/committee for the defence of the revolution type say the desecration was soul sourced against the law and suspect chop chop. With all political thieves, their chop chopping is always accompanied by incompetence. Or maybe, the chop chopping is the cause of their incompetence.  For a presidential returning officer to have declared final presidential results without announcing even half of constituency results only happens with chop chopping political thieving.

Congress judgment debt chopped USD750 million over six years against alleged USD900,000 ɔsonomma drill ship chop over eight years!?

Everybody and everything, good and evil, together as politicians is a sure discouraging poison that will distance the Frimpong Boatengs from holding political offices. Yet they are the kind of people the motherland desperately must have if she would see any development at all. Political thieves such aren’t.

[The unpleasant truth is that, for as long as we want to practise ballot box democracy, we would continue to have professional politicians. And for as long as we have professional politicians, political thieves will find a way of infiltrating politics by operating falsely as professional politicians. The political thieves are too many in congress to deal with effectively. But we can work hard to expose those of them among ɔsonomma.

Never again should the congress type political thieves be given an opportunity to dominate politics in the motherland, as they do within congress. If that should happen, they could be heading towards taking over ɔsonomma like they dominate congress. That will be the end of the motherland ever having an opportunity to develop]. Apologies, this section inadvertently found itself as part of the ‘All Hail All Nations piece.’ It didn’t belong there.

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh